Friday, November 5, 2010

Tortola Boat Show

Each season starts off with a four day boat show hosted by the Charter Yacht Society. The purpose of the show is to reacquaint vacation brokers with the local yachts and crew in the area. From the crew side of the show, it is imperative that the yacht be in top condition because vacation brokers will decide to list you on their site based on their impressions during the show. From the vacation broker prospective, it is important for to get a feeling for each crew so they can make good matches with their clients.
The cockpit- We have had our wrap around canvas shades down most of the day because of rain! :(
Festive table settings.
The saloon.
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  1. Hi toots and Sasha! Is it a saloon or a salon? Which ever, it all looks great and inviting!
    Love momma Jean