Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Rolls Step By Step

Step 1: Chop & bag. Chop & bag. Chop & bag.
In this photo you can see my usual ingredients which are (left to right) chopped peanuts, mixed herbs & garlic, purple cabbage, pineapple, carrots marinated in lemon juice, mango, and spicy bean threads/ rice noodles. I top everything with peanut sauce and sesame seeds before rolling. If you are cooking for a crowd it's fun to put all the ingredients on the table and let everyone roll their own!
Step 2: Soak your rice paper until it's soft, then spread it on your work surface.
Step 3: Begin to pile the ingredients. I like to layer the meat (jerk shrimp, seared tuna, hoisin chicken) in the middle of the veggies.
Step 4: Top with a shake of sesame seeds, peanuts, or peanut sauce.

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Goat Eyeballs??

Found an interesting recipe for cold brine red grapes. Humm... was more of the sentiment instead of yummm... Great in a salad, overpoweringly weird for any other application. I liked them, but then again I also liked Mom's crab casserole :)
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