Sunday, January 29, 2012

On Vacation

Looks like someone needs a vacation!  (photo by Miss Mareck)

So, we are heading to Colorado to experience the same snow we find in our freezer but on a much larger scale.  We've left Soterion in really good hands so we expect her to be in good shape when we get back.  Check out our SPOT Map to see where we arrrrr!  Photos will be posted here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Merry Xmas from Planet Soto!

We are aware that it's mid-January... but better late than never, right?
Christmas morning everyone awoke with jaws dropped at our new level of cuteness. After breakfast, everyone took a vote and decided that Sasha was the cuter elf. It's all in the beard :)
Decided that sandmen were much easier to make than snowmen.
Longer sails between the Leeward islands = more time for Tara to do this.
Loved spending the holidays in the French Islands!
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Shaking the Boobies

We had a few friends join us on a very rough seven hour sail from the small rocky island of Saba to the protection of St. Martin.
These birds are known as the Brown Footed Boobies and they are one of the many fishing birds here in the caribbean.
As we were sailing through the choppy seas, the birds would hover above our decks and wait for us to crash into the front of an oncoming wave.
When our bows hit the water, we'd scare up lots of little flying fish and the boobies would swoop in for a meal. This sequence was beautiful to watch... until... We suddenly remembered that as food goes in, poo must come out, and out, and out.
The boat was becoming speckled and Sasha and I did a lot of dodging until we began evasion tactics and finally shook the boobies.

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