Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our Day as a M/V

THEY WORK!!! Took the boat out for a trial run with the new engines. Everything checked out, somethings worked better than Chris our mechanic had hoped.
We enjoyed our day as an honorary motor vessel (M/V)! As we passed, some people complimented us on our beautiful boat. Others just stared as we enjoyed their puzzled looks. Everything is ready with the mast. We are waiting for good weather to put it all back together.
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Day of Sorting

This being a holiday weekend, there are fewer contractors around the boat which means that Sasha and I have a chance to relax a little, too! Sasha spent the entire day sorting tools. Something that has been a priority since we arrived but has taken backstage to coordinating everything else. We have also begun to think about the reality of sailing this beautiful boat south in just under a week! Getting excited to see those little green islands :)

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Check out this link, it is great!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things are starting to come together

I don't have a photo of this because I was so excited, but BOTH NEW ENGINES STARTED AND RAN TODAY!!!

We unexpectedly had to remove the tender lift because, according to the hydraulics expert at the yard (the guy who maintains all the boat fork lifts and 70-ton travel lifts) recommended that all the hoses and fittings should to be replaced. Most of them were leaking and there were several rusted-out fittings. To replace all the hoses, we decided it would be easier to remove the platform.

After much cursing, moaning, swearing, and groaning, all the hoses were replaced with all new stainless-steel fittings.

One of the new helm shades was delivered and installed. It looks fantastic!

All the old, rusty, chafed stainless steel lifelines were replaced with synthetic Dyneema.

New stainless steel surf racks were installed as well as new hatch lenses in the forward hatches.

I removed the moldy old air conditioning ducts.

And replaced them with shiny new ones!

The new electronics are working very well. Here you see the Mastervolt 24V/100A charger (that runs on either on US 120VAC/60Hz or European 230VAC/50Hz) and the Mastervolt 2500W pure-sine inverter (that powers our US outlets).

The new battery bank that powers it all.

And our new juicer that runs happily and makes delicious fresh apple juice!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

In with the new

We are repowering with brand-new Yanmar 4JH4-HTE 110HP turbo diesels. Here they are lowering one into the port engine room.

The engine barely fits through the deck hatch. Our mast should be back soon.

There is still a lot of work: getting the engine into place, hooking up the driveshaft, installing the exhaust and fuel hoses, water hoses, alternators, etc.

I found Tara in her own little compartment, installing a dual-tank propane system with easy switchover and see-through lightweight fiberglass tanks.

Running out of propane in the middle of preparing a meal is no longer a major hassle!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Awesome site!

Check out this cat being built out of recycled plastic!

How to remove a mast 101

Raise the main sail to let out water that may be trapped. You don't want any extra weight.

Detach the sail from the cars and the boom from the mast.

Begin to loosen and tie up the supporting shrouds, fore and back stays.

Hire a huge crane to begin lifting the mast

Remove all supporting shrouds and stays and walk them to one common point.

Lift the mast up and over the life lines and down the dock.
Our mast is currently on sawhorses in the yard. In the next few days we will be running wires, attaching new standing rigging, and buffing/ polishing the whole thing.

More Olds Must Go!

Old house batteries.
Old crazed salon hatches.
The mast and all standing rigging.
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Out with the old

Out with the old rusty tools.
Out with old jury rigged wires.
Out with the old dingy that is down to one cylinder.
Out with the old headliners that were sagging.
Out with the funky scuba equipment and half empty bottles of booze.
These are our most useful tools right now.
Out with the old Volvo engines!
These are the other most useful tools. There is a whole team of contractors working with us on the boat!
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day One, Square One

So, we met our new owner this morning over breakfast. He is G R E A T!! We are all excited to be working with this beautiful boat/ massive project. Our deadline for leaving Annapolis is December 1, and though we are looking forward to getting back down to the tropics there is quite a check list to conquer before we are able to leave the dock. Step 1: get engines. They took out the old Volvo engines and will be replacing them with two 105hp Yanmars. Sasha couldn't be more pleased. We also had our rigger on board and there is talk of taking the mast off in order to run wires for a number of lights before replacing all the standing rigging. Next on the list of big items is to replace every single battery and rethink the electrical system, it's a little jury rigged at the moment. All this sounds simple enough-- but we know that these projects will take more time than planned and things are getting cooooold up there. Along with the above mentioned projects are literally 50 other smaller projects in all shapes and sizes. This boat is going to be a serious yacht when we are done with her-- but give us about 8 months to get it all done!! (Just kidding, it will be about 3 weeks!)