Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day One, Square One

So, we met our new owner this morning over breakfast. He is G R E A T!! We are all excited to be working with this beautiful boat/ massive project. Our deadline for leaving Annapolis is December 1, and though we are looking forward to getting back down to the tropics there is quite a check list to conquer before we are able to leave the dock. Step 1: get engines. They took out the old Volvo engines and will be replacing them with two 105hp Yanmars. Sasha couldn't be more pleased. We also had our rigger on board and there is talk of taking the mast off in order to run wires for a number of lights before replacing all the standing rigging. Next on the list of big items is to replace every single battery and rethink the electrical system, it's a little jury rigged at the moment. All this sounds simple enough-- but we know that these projects will take more time than planned and things are getting cooooold up there. Along with the above mentioned projects are literally 50 other smaller projects in all shapes and sizes. This boat is going to be a serious yacht when we are done with her-- but give us about 8 months to get it all done!! (Just kidding, it will be about 3 weeks!)

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  1. As those of you with boats know, we'll NEVER be done with the work, but in 8 months we'll be ready to sail around the world at least!