Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things are starting to come together

I don't have a photo of this because I was so excited, but BOTH NEW ENGINES STARTED AND RAN TODAY!!!

We unexpectedly had to remove the tender lift because, according to the hydraulics expert at the yard (the guy who maintains all the boat fork lifts and 70-ton travel lifts) recommended that all the hoses and fittings should to be replaced. Most of them were leaking and there were several rusted-out fittings. To replace all the hoses, we decided it would be easier to remove the platform.

After much cursing, moaning, swearing, and groaning, all the hoses were replaced with all new stainless-steel fittings.

One of the new helm shades was delivered and installed. It looks fantastic!

All the old, rusty, chafed stainless steel lifelines were replaced with synthetic Dyneema.

New stainless steel surf racks were installed as well as new hatch lenses in the forward hatches.

I removed the moldy old air conditioning ducts.

And replaced them with shiny new ones!

The new electronics are working very well. Here you see the Mastervolt 24V/100A charger (that runs on either on US 120VAC/60Hz or European 230VAC/50Hz) and the Mastervolt 2500W pure-sine inverter (that powers our US outlets).

The new battery bank that powers it all.

And our new juicer that runs happily and makes delicious fresh apple juice!

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