Thursday, November 4, 2010


The first question most brokers ask when they arrive on the yacht during a boat show is, "What's new??" Below we have photos of a few of the new items on the list.
This season we have new rigging! The mast was removed (you knew that) and all the standing a running rigging was replaced. The mast was also painted and there are new deck lights and speakers mounted.
Our tender is new! She is a 15.5' AB tender with a 60hp engine. The deep "V" hull makes for a smooth, dry ride.
The teak trim is newly sanded and varnished. Here Sasha is hard at work with his little brush.

The galley counter tops are new! E&S shipwrights did an amazing job fabricating the new counter tops, and also refinishing all the wooden trim molding. The boat looks brand new.
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  1. I see Tara's toes, do you? Good thing the post-hole digger didn't go all the way through, huh?

  2. Thanks Matt!! I'm glad I didn't lose my little toes, too :)

  3. Good eyes, Matt. You always were good at Waldo. The boat looks great - can't wait to visit. Love, momma Jean.