Friday, November 12, 2010

Cozy Crew Quarters

As you all know, we've lived through our fair share of interesting crew quarters. On the new yacht Soterion we have made a few small modifications and are quite happy with our little home.
Before we even moved in, we did a little spring cleaning and found that simply moving the bathroom door (to the storage unit) did wonders for making the cabin feel more spacious. We went to Kmart and picked up a $10 shower curtain, cut it in half and hung it across the doorway. Much better!
In the photo below you can see the hatch and ladder we use to access the cabin.
One thing this crew cabin has that most others lack is serious storage! The shelves along the wall are about 8" deep 4' long. At the bottom right of this photo you can see a large hatch which allows us to store more stuff on the other side of the wall (under the master cabin bed). In addition we have two large drawers at the side of our bunk and the bed also opens which allows us a little more storage between aircon units and a water heater.
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