Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some Boat Shows are Like That

Just came across these pics. The night before the Tortola Boat Show, most of our fellow crew friends had just put the final polishes on their yachts and were busy catching up with each other after the summer away. We had other plans for the night. We talked another couple, Kris & Lizanne into "hanging out" with us.
While Kris and Sasha helped to put the boom back on under the glow of our super bright decklights,
Lizanne and I hung curtains and generally organized/polished the interior.
We even took it a step furhter and hauled the 3 foresails up - mainly because we figured brokers would ask questions about them being in the middle of the cockpit floor. Thought, no one commented on our lack of a mainsail :)
A fellow Hoosier named Captain Mike who just happens to be a yacht broker these days wandered on board at the end of one of our viewing days wearing a coconut bra and somehow convinced me to grab my tutu. OF COURSE Sasha only took pictures after Capt. Mike took off the coconuts. Fantastic!
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  1. That tutu on you is at once adorable, absurd AND the very Stuff of Happiness, so it is!