Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mud Pies

My old Kitchen Aid has hung in there through a few adventures but she has developed a clunk. This summer she was stowed in a friend's warehouse that flooded during one of the many storms. The bottom Tupperware in our tower of stuff has wheels (and therefore holes) in the bottom, it was full of scuba gear and my mixer. Fortunately, the motor is located in the top and the water doesn't seem to have crept up that high (judging by the mud left behind). But somehow, the water seems to have been salty so there was a good amount of corrosion developing on the bowl, arms, and motor. As Sasha and I left the warehouse our friend Rodger asked if we were making Mud Pies. We got her back to the boat and cleanen her up- she is still running but clunks a bit at low speed.
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