Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Church

Well, it's Sunday and we are off to church! We decided to visit a chapel that was reccomended to us by a staff member at Chateau Le Bouis. When we followed our directions and pulled into a parking lot, but did not see a church. Until we got out of the car and looked up the hill behind us. We hiked about 20 minutes up a pretty steep hill to reach the church and found out that it was well worth it!

The church was a dedicated sailor/ seamen church. The walls were covered with paintings of different boats and photos of sailors and fishermen who sought the lord's protection along their work and travels.

It was an ornate chapel.

Sasha was very happy to have found this place.

Another weird name connection/ coincidence.

All the way up the hillside leading to the church are memorial plaques for sailors lost at sea.

After visiting the church we took a few hour hike to a look out tower- picture are included in the France highlight link.

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