Thursday, July 22, 2010

San Sebastian, Spain

During our five hour drive this morning we watching the landscape slide from the hectic city of Barcelona, to the rocky Rioja vineyards surrounding Navarra, through the mountains and into the lush San Sebastian. Today was rainy on and off and. . . cold! We were in jeans and jackets all day!

Sasha and I walked thought the park overlooking the harbor.

FYI all of the above are strictly forbidden in this harbor. hummm...

Small but ride-able surf today-- if you brought your wetsuit. Air temp is 14*c and water is colder.

Hump. Oops.

Watched three great street acts- this one was two acrobats! So much talent.

Dinner of pintxos and wine. I LOVE the food culture in this town! You grab a plate and pile on the little finger foods. At the end of your feasting, the bartender has magically kept track of what you ate and the price is often very reasonable. (notice the iberian hams hanging behind the bar, they are my new favorite food)

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