Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moscow Food

As I was informed, the supermarkets did not always look like this. Back in Soviet times the stores were empty of food and full of lines. People waited a long time for a loaf of bread or can of food. Not to say that there were no stores like this, you just had to hold a certain rank to be granted access.

Looking back I wish I'd taken more pictures of the plates in restaurants. I tried to stick to typically Russian food when ordering and was never disappointed! The food was awesome every meal. Starters were usually a mix of cold salads, cured meat, pickled vegetables, and meat pies. Entrees included seafood, wild game, and your typical chicken and steak options. I was impressed with the quantity of food coming from within Russia-- considering that the country covers eleven time zones you can find almost everything locally.

Pushkin Cafe was our favorite mid-day stop, for obvious reasons!

The last pic is from Nina's family's estate which was given to the church. Father Stephan has a whole gaggle of geese and I can easily picture them one day ending up on the table!!

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