Friday, July 16, 2010

Paris to Beaune

We are going to make a real effort to use our SPOT as we travel so be sure to use the link on the side bar to see where we are!

The flight from Moscow to Paris took about 4 hours. We landed around 11am, rented a car, booted up the Gramin and got under way. The drive from Pairs to Beaune took about 3.5 hrs with one little rest stop along the way to change out drivers. Our car is a manual so it's tons of fun to drive at 130km/hr on the auto route! We arrived in Beaune around 5:00 and found our hotel with little trouble.

Our hotel is in a little side town called Savigny-les-beaune. The majority of the local population tend the vineyards surrounding the town and sell their harvest to the wine producers of the Beaune Region.

We stopped in a local Cave and visited with a wine exporter. He buys wine from the producers and exports most of his stock directly to NYC! Small world. He filled us in on a few regional secrets and history of the local vines.

Sasha outside the local chateau.

We stopped along the road out of town and (without touching the grapes) took a few pictures with the main attraction.

This is only what would fit into one frame. It takes a lot of vines to produce world class Burgundy!

Coming from Indiana, I've seen my fair share of farm equipment but this is a while different game out here.

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