Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Barcelona take 1

Arrived in Barcelona in the afternoon so we parked the car at Bill's place and trained into downtown. We walked along the harbor and stopped in a chandlery to check inventory and prices (old habits die hard). Below is a haul out facility like none we've see before- ask Sasha for details.

Then we took a FUN-icular ride across the harbor for great views of the city.

The funicular dropped us in the park so we walked back into town and found a cervasaria and tapas place for a late lunch.

Did a little window shopping.

Walked La Rambla and admired the street performers.

Almost bought some flowers..

Almost bought some chipmunks...

Decided to buy some coffee instead.


  1. You should have gotten a baby squirrel for Bijel. It would have made for a perfect wedding gift....

  2. HA HA HA!! Gotta love Beege.