Friday, May 7, 2010

Rain, Rain

Woke up to rain around 5am. Got up with the rain still coming down around 7am. Ran a few errands around Road Harbour.. in the rain. Played around the boat.. catching rain water. We figured in a light rain shower we can catch about 2 gallons per minute just collecting the run off from the cockpit hard top. (that is a lot!)

Around 1pm we had a 20 minute window between clouds so we took advantage and got out of there. We had been on the dock over in Village Cay the past couple days with contractors stopping by quoting and setting up for the next round of improvements. The dock is a great location in town- walking distance to almost anywhere. Though, when the rain starts coming down- watch out! The entire town and surrounding hillsides all drain right into the harbour. We're talking about everything that drains does it all at once into the marina. The smells and colors in the water are amazing. Heading out to sea is the best option-- and that's what we did. It was a wet ride, but watching the patches of rain sweep over the islands is beautiful. Below you can see a sailboat just before a wall of rain overtakes her- keep in mind that this shot was taken around 2pm- that is some dark rain!

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