Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crew Hand-Over

The hand over went well! We have never had a crew hand a boat over to us, so twice now we have just made it up as we went along. The process is really a one-man-show starring Sasha. The first three hours were spent talking about toilets, until I reminded everyone that the entire process should take a day (day and a half if needed). Sasha was a saint and gave the owner a huge binder lovingly referred to as "the bible". The binder is an organized mash of schematics, electrical coding lists, trouble shooting guides, daily task lists, etc. Some of the info was found around the boat, other material downloaded off the net, a few pieces ordered from Catana, but Sasha wrote most after the refit and again after finding that we were being let go. There is no way he could turn this machine over without detailed to-do lists and a certain level of trust that the next caregiver will understand the level of maintenance all the brand new equipment deserves.

We are now staying on land- moved into a wonderful little guest house owned by a friend of a friend on Tortola. Except for the flash floods and roads being washed away it is the perfect spot!

Today will be spent taking a ferry to STT in order to collect the last of the mail for Diadem. Hope to have it delivered to the boat this evening as they plan to depart Sunday morning for an island-hopping adventure.

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  1. Well done! Very classy. Sasha's "bible" will be a godsend to the owner and future crews. And now--on to the next great thing for you two. It's just around the corner.