Friday, December 10, 2010

Prep Work

It is often said that when a crew is on charter the days are much more stressful for the girls and off charter the days are much more stressful for the guys. This is true. So I've decided to keep myself busy while off charter by prepping, cooking, and freezing!
Roasting red bell peppers on the stove.
I bought a pork belly to try out in the Sous Vide. Only problem was that I had to buy the whole 5# belly and I want to serve little starter portions. I had to borrow Sasha's hack saw (yes I cleaned it really well before I cut the belly). I cut it and vacuum sealed it into enough portions to last me 3 charters.
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  1. Another lovely shot—the capsicum over the flame looks great. I'm actually going to restrain myself from pestering with questions (as in, is it for salsa romesco, for muhammara, for sticky-fingered personal eating enjoyment)...

    When today's workload gets hectic, the idea of the hack saw + frozen pork belly + future sous-vide updates to read is certainly going to put a smile on my face.

    Hack saw! :D