Thursday, December 9, 2010

One Charter Down

Our first charter went without a hitch!! We had 8 guests for a quick 5 day cruise. Being their first time to the islands I was hard to hit all the good spots, but we did our best. The above pic was taken at White Bay on Jost. Sasha is giving the lay of the land before everyone headed for the beach.
This was one sandy charter! Sasha was cleaning filters almost constantly.
Making the galley work!! I was excited to really see what this galley set-up was capable of. It really worked well. It looks like Sasha took this pic while I was plating up during Fish Taco night. I was really nested in there among the plates, bowls, pots, and pan!!
Thought this shot was really neat. I am plating the calamari and seaweed salad.
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  1. Congratulations on the first Soterion charter for True Crew! :)

    That last pic is fab, though I love the Chef-Tara-in-action-from-above-shot too. [oOoh, nice shot, Sasha!]

    Is that your balsamic reduction you have drizzled round the plates, or is that a soy glaze? Sorry for all the questions, always curious...

  2. Thanks, C! That is a balsamic reduction. I'm sure Tara can tell you more about it; all I know is that it smelled really good as she was boiling it down.

  3. Thanks, Cap'n Sasha! Yes, Chef Tara did say that she was pleased with the nice berry flavour of the reduction—I'll wager the guests were even more pleased!