Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Lil Crush

The Christmas winds have offically arrived! We've had about 22kts for the past few days and the seas to match. We are seeing the effects of the same snow storms that buried our family and friends during the holidays. We spent the night in Leverick Bay and as Sasha was preparing to get our guests ashore, he spotted this little guy swimming in circles alongside our boat. With our handy dandy fishing net we scooped him out of the water and he seemed very glad for a rest.
After contacting several people who work in various hatcheries, conservation departments, and fisheries, we were told that he was a hawksbill hatchling that was a little lost. The only advice we recieved was to get him out of the marina and into a current that would take him out to sea. It's amazing that something so small can survive in the ocean!

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  1. So cutes! Strong back legs, I'll bet, like the ones that hatch at Gilgo and swim in the bay...

  2. *sQuee* What an adorable critter!