Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Delivery Pictures

The delivery was exciting, beautiful, trying, and a lot of work. We left in the freezing cold with conditions that would put any vessel through her paces (35+ knots of wind and 10-15 foot seas), and Diadem handled them in stride. We averaged 10 knots of boat speed for the trip, at points surfing down the face of the waves at 15 knots! While those conditions were par for the course for the North Atlantic in December, we were happy as things warmed up and calmed down, and the one day in Bermuda was a welcome break. The crew did a great job and the fact that it got a little warmer every day made everyone happy. Of course there were beautiful sunsets over the open ocean and all that, so here are a few photos:

Before we took off, Sasha had to fix something important in the bilge:

Yes it was beautiful out there on the Chesapeake:

But it was COLD!!

In Norfolk, we moored among Navy warships:

And I had a day to sort my nuts and bolts:

At some point it warmed up enough for Tara to take off her socks:

Bermuda was gorgeous and calm for a day:

So Mike and I went up the headstays to tighten the torque links on the furlers:

Tara does something important:

Zion has a birthday:

The trip from Bermuda to St. Thomas:

Warmer every day!

Warm enough to scrub teak:

We saw whales!


The sun is rising on a new day for Diadem!

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  1. great photos! wish we were there with you; well, maybe not on the first leg with the big waves. thanks for all your phone calls and staying in touch. we were blessed with your safe arrival!
    love, momma jean