Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another beautiful day.

Every beautiful day starts out with a proper breakfast. Today I was delighted with one of Tara's savory delights: herbed poached egg over couscous with a Le Pain Quotidien brioche fresh from New York City!

Tara also did a great job cleaning, touching up, and polishing the 76' carbon fiber mast.

The Bay Shore Marine guys removed the old leaky oily generator.

The new hatch lenses and salon cushions look fantastic!

The second helm shade arrived. In this photo, two of our riggers, Jordan and Craig, are getting ready to install it. Notice the new electronic Teleflex engine controls in the lower-left corner.

Also, the new inflatable tender has arrived! This Avon JetSport 430 has a 93HP turbocharged two-cylinder 4-stroke engine, so it runs clean and fast. The boat is a lot easier to drive than everyone said it would be. I think the teak decks on the tender complement the ones on the yacht nicely.

Notice, the helm shade is installed in that last photo. Also, the teak on Diadem needs a lot of work, especially when compared to the new tender! We still have to accomplish a few slightly more pressing items on the to-do list first: install new generator, step mast and tune rig, adjust tender lift, clean and prep for delivery... there is still a lot left to do! We are keeping busy and staying warm and happy!

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