Sunday, December 6, 2009

Delivery Cooking

How does one provide three well balanced meals a day for a delivery crew? Cook most things before you leave! (Thank goodness for freezers) Not knowing what sea conditions will be while out on big crossings most galley cooks don't plan to be in the galley any more than they have to. Also, since I double as first mate there will be plenty of other work to keep me busy. In the past few weeks I have been putting together an eleven day menu that will be mostly prepared ahead of time and stored between the fridge and freezer. During the crossing anyone on watch will easily be able to follow the menu to locate our next meal, thaw it and pop it in the oven/ on the stove. Voila!
Just back from the grocery with all my loot.
Parcooking soups- (Apple Squash Cheddar Soup, Carrot Shitaki Barley Soup, and Curried Lentil Soup)
Baking loaves of bread and baked oatmeal- Can't wait for breakfast!
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