Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fun with Winches

Sasha had a long day with a couple winches.
He began with an exploded diagram downloaded from the internet and a few tools...
and ended with a little bottle of fresh oil before putting everything back together.
Unfortunatley, there are two down and five more to go!
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  1. Great pictures, Tara, thanks for the reportage...

  2. Better to spend the day with winches and not wenches though, right? :)

  3. As I was reading along, I did not think the little bottle was going to be oil! I was obviously thinking something to relieve the tedium of the diagrams - but, then again, winches are probably a fun challenge for Sasha. No fun with wenches, Megan.
    love you guys, momma jean
    ps thanks for the box of winter clothes - I really like the fur wrap - just right for school board meeting tomorrow night!