Saturday, December 10, 2011

Radar Replace Cont.

I'll spare you the images and language involved with trying to pull wires through the interior of the boat and out to the cockpit, all I can say is that Sasha forgot to eat lunch and was too tired to eat dinner on more than one day this week. If you know Sasha, this is saying a lot. Work was starting at 7am and continued till about 10 or 11pm.
Here is Sasha on the last afternoon of the project. The new radar display is larger than the old one, so we had to rearrange all the instruments to fit it in the same amount of space. Here you can see Sasha with his jigsaw cutting a new teak panel for the instruments. In the bottom of the frame you can barley see the tip of the black vacuum tube- I sat on the sidelines and did my best to "contain the mess" as he cut. We had to make the cuts in the cockpit because it was pouring down rain!
Here I am fitting all the instruments into the new instrument panel (yeah! they fit!).

After I mounted all the instruments Sasha came and connected the mess of wires, and amazingly enough everything booted right up! Wowza!!
We got everything finished just in time for a day of R&R before we take off for St. Martin. Looks like our best weather window is going to be on Monday Dec 12.
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