Sunday, March 14, 2010

Work Weekend

We took the weekend to complete a few projects around the boat. The major items were done in Annapolis in November (engines, rigging, etc.), but there are still a million smaller things left to do. For example, the caulking around the salon hatches has gotten old and chalky. Not only will it start peeling off and leaking soon, this allows mold to grow in the pores of the caulk which is simply IMPOSSIBLE to clean (we tried everything: bleach, soft scrub, toothbrushes, abrasive pads, etc.). It still looked awful:

Since the old caulk was surface clean, Tara simply went over it with new caulk. It looks fantastic, and should be good for another 8-10 years!

Remember, as Michael Beans sings, "You ain't old until you mold!"

While Tara was working outside, I was under the galley sink tearing out the old, leaky, rusty faucet:

The new one looks like something out of Modern Galley Magazine!

In addition to a couple of other plumbing repairs that Tara helped me with, we also found time to give the boat a thorough cleaning inside and outside, and I also waxed and polished the dinghy. The rest of today is time to rest. It is really hot outside today so we are sitting inside with every fan we own turned on, because the airconditioning simply can't keep up with the heat outside combined with the sun blaring through the windows. We are designing some interior shades which will help keep the interior cool.


  1. "Tara simply went over it with new caulk"... my ass. (Pardon the language) I used the recommended "Life Seal" caulking to re-do the 10 cabin house hatches. It took me about 8 hours to scrub, dry, tape off, caulk, dry, and un-tape everything. I went through 2 rolls of paper towel, half a box of rubber gloves and still managed to ruin every piece of clothing I was wearing because I was covered in it! Sasha's hopeful that it will last another 8-10 years because he gets to do that job next time!!

  2. Hah! You knock me out. You both are terrific. I can't believe this is your weekend "off"--and how hot is it?

  3. The heat wasn't too bad today because it was a little overcast. Yesterday was hot enough to give me a heat rash! And still... I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing!