Sunday, March 21, 2010

Keeping up with it all is a BIG job

When low pressure alarms start beeping and the water maker shuts down Sasha is in there adjusting the settings, then scrubbing out the current filters. In the end we ended up replacing the pre-filters which had apparently reached the end of their usable life-- good thing we were carrying extra filters on board!

Every once in awhile I hear this far away voice asking "Hey Tara, could you just pull on my foot". Some of the fixes are not as accessable as one would hope. I've become the tool runner (wink to Rob), the paper towel hander, and foot puller!

Splicing the old anchor rode to the new secondary anchor. We've used the new anchor a few times now and it is wonderful! The new Lightweight Aluminum Guardian anchors are so much easier on your back-- and the side of your boat!
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