Friday, November 16, 2012

Culinary Competition

Another way to be involved during the Boat Show is to compete in the culinary competition.  This year this year there were three categories - Starter, Entree, Dessert - and about twenty chefs from boats ranging from 112ft. motor yachts & 76 ft sailing yachts with dedicated chefs to 45ft charter boats with chefs like myself who play hostess, chef, deck, mate, etc.  The fun of the competition is to have the top restaurant chefs in the area tasting and grading your work against their own very high standards.

The last few minutes of prep.  You can't tell in the picture how badly my hands are shaking. 

Mini Hibiscus Mofongo & Saltfish Croquette
(First Place)

Braised Oxtail + Wahoo Parcel w. Local Spinach & Harvest Risotto Cake
(Second Place)

Banana Colada Ebelskivers w. Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream
(Second Place)

The judges & professional photographers.
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