Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Upgrades & Improvements

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...

We hired E&S to sand down and refinish the shelf at the front of the salon.  Through years of sun and saltwater spray the varnish had begun to discolor so a light sanding and new coat of varnish has her shiny and new again.  

The AirCon unit in the salon has been trying to die for about a year.  The heat of last June and July was too much and the compressor finaly bit the dust.  We had Marine Maintinance instal a a slightly bigger/ stronger unit and they even diverted a bit of the cool air down to the galley!  Chef is happy!
Upon inspecting the old windlass there were significant cracks in the main drive shaft, so we installed a new windlass.  Again, this one is larger and we are sure it will do a better job of pulling up our anchor.

Last but certainly not least, we added extra sound proofing around the front of the generator.  Sasha is on a mission to make the bow area a relaxing, quiet, after dinner conversational spot.  Last summer we had a seperator installed on the generator exhaust to bring down the noise at the water level, now we are working at the deck level.

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