Thursday, April 26, 2012

Days off

Our guests often ask what we are planning to do on our day off between charters.  Will you go to the beach?  Maybe read a book?  Well, first we have to do a few chores:

First, laundry!

Normally we just clean the interior.  Since we had more than a single day "off", Tara decided to completely replace all the head (bathroom) fixtures.  She learned quite a bit about plumbing fittings (from metric PEX to 1/2" IPS), as well as what it feels like to be crammed into a little hole upside-down juggling two wrenches and a flashlight with water dripping onto your head trying to loosen a stuck nut.  (When I am in that position, sometime I feel like I am the nut!)  Anyway Tara did such a great job on all four heads with a minimum of grumbling and now we have not only new faucets and showers, but new towel rings and soap dishes to go with the fancy new LED lights.

Meanwhile, I was wiring up the new batteries that we had to install because the old ones were no longer holding a charge.  The batteries keep the operation running when the generator is off, powering all the lights, music, and appliances.  Tara helped me carry these beasts weighing in at over 150 lbs!  I also installed a new "pure-sine" inverter which provides high-quality, clean power to all the outlets.

In addition, I installed a monitoring system that keeps an eye on the health and charge of the batteries.

After several long days of work, a shot of house-made fruit-infused RUM was well deserved!

As was a relaxing afternoon reading in the cool breeze under the shade that Tara designed.

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  1. Whew! I'm pooped just thinking about it all... looks gorgeous and safe. What a crew!