Friday, June 10, 2011

Locked and Loaded

It was time to chip some ice off the ol' holding plates in the bottom of the fridge. He he he. Guess who got a face full of snow 6 times?? Unfortnatley there is no picture of Sasha's reaction to being hit with a snow ball while he was going about his usual routine of generator maintinance. It was priceless. Hope the ice builds up again soon!!
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  1. Hey you cats! I'm really glad I stumbled on your website after a few months of being away from the fun and sun down in the BVI. Brings back fond memories. (This is the guy [Nick] that you met in St. Thomas & again at the full moon party in Tortola). As Red Green says: "Keep your stick o the ice." (that expression is native to Minnesota, and should be read as such ;o)