Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yeah, I did that

So, this post is a blast from the past that I just found on a camera from our storage unit. Last season, there was a request for full coverage shade on the bow. There was also mention that orange was a favortie color. Orange 4-way stretch spandex is not in great demand so I was able to buy a bolt for a pretty low price... and this is what I did.
I bought a sewing maching for Diadem because I was also making pillows and curtains for the interor, but the largest project by far was this bow shade. I'm a little curious how the material has held up to UV degradation. It was beautiful when it was completed! No flapping in the breeze, it looked like it was breathing as gusts of wind passed from bow to stern because the material would silently expand and contract. Sasha and I really enjoyed lying under there in the late afternoon.
I've had requests from other crew to make these for their boats, but having no idea how long the material will last I'm hesitant.
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  1. It's gorgeous! Almost Tibetan...

  2. oooOoh Tara, it is SO beautiful and functional!

    I ♥ how you use your design & sewing skills to craft improvements for the boats you crew on... I can barely get thread into a needle to repair escapee buttons, so I am in awe.

    Wish we had the boat budget to commission a brazen flamin' scarlet one off you for the boat we work on!