Monday, August 30, 2010

Creative Cooking for 1

When you are living thirty minutes from a grocery store and only have to cook for 1, food gets . . . creative!
I had some leftover black bean mush from making burgers the other night so I threw it in a pan and made a hash. I topped that with a couple bits of leftover bacon, two farm-fresh friend eggs over easy, a couple slices of local tomato and avocado still sitting around from sandwich making, and a handful of oyster mushrooms sauteed in sesame oil.

For dinner I sliced up one local yellow squash and sauteed it with a dash of Lawry's. Bundled some asparagus and steamed it with lemon pepper, and threw some leftover grilled pork tenderloin medallions in a sauce pan with a mix of (real) maple syrup and dijon mustard until it was heated through and the sauce thickened. I was really impressed with the presentation. Not to mention the flavors.

For those times when you run out of leftovers, but are not yet brave enough to make the trip all the way into the store. I am officially obsessed with Tazo Organic Chai tea. It is prefect.
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