Sunday, June 20, 2010

The King's Ransom

We have already completed one fantastic charter and are partway through another. We can't tell you who the guests are or show any pictures of them, but we can assure you that they had an excellent time!

King's Ransom was built in South Africa by a company called Matrix Yachts.

As Stewardess, Tara is in charge of interior service and presentation. In addition to making up the rooms in the morning and turning down the beds in the evening, she sets the table for meals, while of course keeping the entire interior of the boat clean and tidy.

As First Mate, I am responsible for keeping the exterior clean and shipshape as well as help the captain sail the boat. I also do most of the table service -- drinks, food, water, and wine!

We still find time to enjoy some gorgeous sunsets,

get wet,

and of course, smile!

The crew of King's Ransom enjoying some Rhum from downisland! (from left: First Mate Sasha, Captain Euros, Stewardess Tara, and Chef Emily)

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