Thursday, February 11, 2010

Prep Work

Yummy pralines! These little guys are packed with pistachio and studded with poppy seeds.
I've been practicing pizza and since I had some extra dough, I decided to try my hand at calazones, too. The recipes I've found have either been so sticky I can't work with the dough or so full of flour that the dough turns out more like bread. If anyone has a good recipe let me know!
Healthy nut granola- need I say more? Mix. Bake. Enjoy.
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  1. wow, get our taste buds all excited - now we need recipes!
    made african chicken peanut soup for JR, he said it tasted better than it sounds. we are trying to put pounds on him and he is gaining, but somehow they stick to me easier than him.
    heard that you are having some guests from this area with you in the coming months, that will be fun.

  2. How much crab casserole has JR eaten?? Tara says that's her favorite.