Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to Sailing!

Yard work complete, new thru-hulls installed, and rig pre-tensioned, we splashed the boat and set sail for Norman Island.

Underway, sailing across the Sir Francis Drake channel, Tara and Craig "sail tune" the rig:

Sail tuning allows us to get even more tension on the rig because of the additional force created by the wind in the sail. The leeward (or downwind) shrouds are tightened a few turns, then we tack, and tighten the other side. We did this three times on each side.

The water was nice and warm, so we decided to stop for a snorkel.

And a refreshing beverage.

View from the Willy T with Diadem in the background:

Tara in the cave:

Craig and a squid:

Extra points if you can find the squid!!

Above is Elkhorn coral. This is a healthy specimen. Coral is a living animal -- technically it is a colony of individual polyps each of which is an animal, and as the animal grows outwards the skeleton it leaves behind forms the coral head. This particular species is considered an endangered and is protected. Below is another type of coral, a beautiful sponge coral.

We spent the day today cleaning and waxing the boat, fixing things, and organizing. Tomorrow we will do some more sail tuning!

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